making glass !

Welcome to my third Tutorial 

This time we talk about rainbows effect in glass.
There was an instruction in CT´ magazine
Glass, crystal, diamond etc. refract colours in a different way...
So you get these "rainbow effects".
Simply put, we just refract "red, green and blue" separatly.

First, we open a new scene in Cinema4d
(GO, SE or XL - You can do this in any version.
Than we treat sky and floor. For the floor I use the 
"checkerboard" texture.
After this, I lay a 'Perfect Sphere' into a glass ( Lathe Object).
I don't have a 'diamond' object, so I use the "Icosahedron".
I duplicate this object (Tools > Duplicate)and move and rotate it via a randomize function (Tools > Randomize...).

I do the same with a Surface -Sphere.
To achieve a crystal effect, I disable the spheres "smoothing" effect.

You have to use a special index " n " ( For different materials)

Now, we finish this scene. (Lights, animations etc.)
This scene you save as a basic.c4d.
IMPORTANT: The scene has to be complete ( including the render settings)


Now you turn the light parameters of green and blue to zero!
This isn't really necessary, but it helps you to identify the picture later!

After this you go to the render settings and call your picture/animation "rot.*
Then save the scene as "rot.c4d


Now undo the light parameter changes (or get the basic.c4d)
Turn blue and green to zero.
Then reduce the "n" index of every transparency material. (Check out the table below).

After this you go to the render settings and call your picture/animation "gruen.*
Than save the scene as "gruen.c4d


Do the same again, but this time turn red and green to zero.
Afterwards, go to the render settings and call your picture/animation "blau.*
Than save the scene as "blau.c4d

Now you start " Batch Rendering " 
Path 1
Path 2
Path 3

Or you can render the Scenes separately.

Now you have a lot of time to drink a cup of coffee or tea

Picture / animation finishing.

In  Adobe AfterEffects :

 - import Picture , animation or picture series. 
 - Open a new Composition. 
 - Basics to Timeline. 
 - make a new Solid ( Solid > new Solid ). 
 - Then, change Channels ( Effect > Channel > Set Cannels ). 

Source Layer 1 rot.*
Set Red to Source Red
Source Layer 2 gruen.*
... Gren
  * = TIF, TGA, MOV, AVI, ... 

Now your Picture or animation is finished.

In Photoshop & Co...
 - every picture in its own Layer . 
 - omit unused channels 
 - Now use " Negativ multiplizieren"  (negative multiply)

Appendix I: 

My settings :

 "olli" glass
1.3 n
1.2 n
1.1 n
 "olli" crystal
2  n
1.8 n
1.6 n
 "olli" diamond
3  n
2.4 n
1.8 n
2.1 n
1.6 n
1.1 n


Appendix II: 

I get interesting "real" settings:

 "real" glass


If you have any ideas ,questions etc.?
Send me an e-mail..


Here you can download the scenes

Here is a Demo-animation ( in *.mov format )

I apologize for my bad english.
I hope you did understand the tutorial.

Thanks to "Appeltatenkönigin" Nadine Michalski for  helping me to translate the tutorial

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