CharacterSetup in Cinema 4D

Key all Attributes with one button.

My animation workflow is: set the Pose, push the record button, move Timeslider, pose, push....

When the rough animation is finish, I will work with the Keys in the timeline later with the curves.

Work with Selection Object

First, create a Selection Object >>Objects>Camera>Selection

Rename it to "Beine". Drag n drop the control-objects in the list.

Set Selection Object for keys

Set the selection to "Beine"

When the record button pressed, cinema creates keys for the control-objects. But not for the User Data.

Clear the Setup:

Select the Attributes you need , press the right mousbutton and select: >>Animation>Add Keyframe Selection

The active Attributes are orange.

When you push the record button now (or F9), cinema creates a Key for every selected Attribute.

The Szene:

Taste the scene :-)

Download CINEMA 4d R10 and MOCCA 3

I liked the animation tutorial from Keith Lango: Pose to Pose Pop-Through Animation Article

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Oliver Pietern